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Welcome to Latin Art Mall

Latin Art Mall brings you a large selection of Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles from Mexico, South America, and Central America. Our products are handcrafted and imported directly from the people that created them. Learn more about the Countries and People that produce our products in our Reference Section.
Shop our Bead Art - Huichol Bead Art The Huichol Indians have used art figures and other decorative pieces as offerings to the Gods for centuries. The Indians work their spiritual symbols and designs into each piece. This hand carved wood jaguar head was first covered with a layer of beeswax then using a long needle one small bead at a time is pressed into the wax creating this vibrant work of art.
Shop our Carvings from Ecuador - Located in the northwest portion of Ecuador, a unique venture began called the Tagua Initiative was formed. This began in 1990 by Conservation International as a means of creating economic incentives associated with the tagua palm nut, trying to find a way for the harvests to be sustained. Because of this initiative, today we see almost 2,000 people belonging to the Comuna Rio Santiago-Cayapas, holding down jobs. However, these jobs depend on the rainforest being left unharmed, allowing the tagua nut to continue growing.
Shop our Tagua Carvings - Imported directly from the Native Indian Artists that created these little masterpieces. Choose from Animals, Fish, Birds, and Reptiles - all native to the country of Panama that the carvings come from. The tagua nut has a strong resemblance to animal ivory, making it a wonderful resource for creating all types of beautiful things. For many years, the tagua nut was used primarily for making buttons but with new technology and more affordable materials such as plastics, a decline began. Even so, the tagua nut still has value in the making of other things to include chess set pieces, jewelry, handles for canes, dice, figurines, etc.
Shop our Sand Paintings - These sand paintings are done completely by hand. On the back of each piece is a card with the artists name and written in the artists hand the name of the painting. The Navajo people believe the universe to be delicately balanced. Only man can upset it causing disaster or illness. When this happens a medicine man must restore the natural balance. Balance is restored by healing the offender with chants herbs prayers songs and sand paintings.
Shop our Wall Hangings from Peru and Mexico - You will also find tapestries depicting things such as flowers, birds, butterflies, and many other Andean cultural aspects. All of the sheep wool is handspun, and then naturally dyed with native vegetable, mineral, and animal dye.
Shop for Mexican Blankets - Whether for yoga class or to add a little Mexican flare to your home decor, our fine Mexican blankets are the solution. We select only the finest hand crafted Molina Indian blankets. These thick blankets are truly quality.


Articles from our Reference Section

Of all rivers in the world, the Amazon River is by far the most impressive. In fact, the amount of water the Amazon River carries out to sea is estimated at 20% of all the freshwater that is discharged into the oceans. This particular river is one of the longest around the globe, measuring between 3,903 and 4,195 miles long depending on differing reports. Regardless, both are quite long.

The Nile River is another impressive river that has been running neck and neck with the Amazon River for the title of the world’s longest river. The problem is that the two exact lengths are difficult to prove and the resources cannot seem to agree. Even if the Nile River should win this title, the Amazon River holds another title of “greatest volume of water going out to sea.” Click here to read more.

This particular rainforest is a special reserve of 371,000 hectares found in Guyana. First established in 1989, very little was known about this area prior to that time. However, with a substantial amount of archaeological data, is has been proven that occupations of Horticultural and Archaic existed. In all, 29 sites have been recorded to date. Although it appears the Paleo Indians did not occupy this area of Guyana, experts believe evidence to the contrary will show up some day due to what appears a strong presence. Click here to read more.

Among the rumors which circulated among the ambitious adventurers of the New World, one of the most dazzling was that of a rich empire far to the south, a very El Dorado, where gold was as abundant as were the common metals in the Old World, and where precious stones were to be had, almost for the picking up. These rumors fired the hopes of three men in the Spanish colony at Panama, namely, Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro, both soldiers of fortune, and Hernando de Luque, a Spanish priest. As it was primarily from the efforts of these three that that astonishing episode, the Spanish conquest of Peru, came to pass.

The character of that empire which the Spaniards discovered and undertook to conquer may be briefly sketched. According to the traditions of Peru, there had come to that country, then lying in barbarism and darkness, two "Children of the Sun." These had taught them wise customs and the arts of civilization, and from them had sprung by direct descent the Incas, who thus ruled over them by a divine right. Besides the ruling Inca, whose person and decrees received an honor that was almost worship, there were numerous nobles, also of the royal blood, who formed a ruling caste. These were held in great honor, and were evidently of a race superior to the common people, a fact to which the very shape of their skulls testifies. Click here to read more.

If you were interested in exploration and uncovering some of Mexico’s most amazing history, you definitely want to take time to visit deep into the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala where you will find the Yucatan peninsula. There, you would find some of the most amazing and mysterious structures – pyramids and temples.

The Mayan civilization was mathematical wizards, highly skilled workers who were way ahead of their time. In fact, the calendars we still use today were developed by the Mayans. Keep in mind that they did not have modern day jackhammers, cement trucks, cranes, and other modern tools but with the help from oxen, llamas, and other animals, they were somehow able to construct massive cities that spanned across then jungle. The fascinating aspect of this is that the degree of perfection is unbelievable, especially for that era.

Today, you can see many of the spectacular architectural structures to include Chichen Itza, Copan, Palenque, Tikal, Tulum, and Uxmal, among others. The pyramids, temples, observatories, and palaces were made completely void of metal. Constructed by skilled farmers, huge areas of the rainforest were cleared. Because groundwater was difficult to find, these workers dug out underground reservoirs that were used for storing water. Click here to read more.

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